Who are Smiling Albino Adventurers?

Most Smiling Albino guests have never taken an organized expedition before. We often receive emails that start out something like this: “My wife and I aren’t really ‘tour’ kind of people, but your trips look really cool…”, That’s when we know we’re on to something and that you’ve found the right company! We’re not ‘tour’ kind of people, either.
Smiling Albino guests come from all nationalities and backgrounds, including captains of industry, families, grandparents, entrepreneurs, preachers, millionaires, adventurous 40-something dreamers and even students. Those who lay claim to a great experience with Smiling Albino indeed come from all walks of life. We even allowed a lawyer to come on a trip last year!
Our guests appreciate that SA adventures are an opportunity for self discovery, legitimate local interaction and exciting activities that do justice to the areas we visit. They like the fact that the pace of each day enables them to absorb the charm and energy of the areas we visit; things so often missed on organized ‘tours’.
Smiling Albino adventurers are also sensitive about their impact on local cultures and environments, preferring their money be used responsibly, in a way that benefits local communities, something we place the utmost importance on, every step of the way.
Our guests are reasonably active and adventurous folks who want some activity during their holiday without the pressure to perform. Often our group’s members have a variety of physical abilities and interests and we adjust portions of the program to suit everyone’s needs. For the sports star and the bookworm…welcome, you’ve found the ideal adventure company.

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