Food, Glorious Food

Thai food is something we’re really passionate about. Many of our guests say their Smiling Albino adventure could be described as “a culinary trip mixed liberally with a variety of adventure activities and venues,” due to our very deliberate emphasis on dining.
In a culture with a highly cultivated sense of taste, mealtime is an opportunity to experiment, indulge and enjoy traditional ‘family-style’ dining. This is how we like to approach meals too, sharing many dishes amongst the group. This way you’ll get to try an incredible array food, including famous Thai curries, dazzling sauces, fresh aromatic herbs, pungent spices and an abundance of fresh greens and exotic ingredients. Many of our guests say it’s the best food they’ve ever had.
Throughout your SA adventure we’ll personally host you on a Thai culinary extravaganza at each and every meal. From chic urban restaurants, street-side noodle stands, to those out of the way spots that only locals know about, we’ll introduce you to the most celebrated culinary traditions.
Our dining experiences cater to all diets and personal preferences, from the truly daring, to the more conservative palate. The best part is you can try as much or as little as you wish, we finish when you’re full, ensuring that your Smiling Albino adventure is a totally enriching culinary experience.
Bring your appetite, the table is set, we’re looking forward to hosting you here.

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