Prepare For Your Trip to Thailand

The biggest word of advice is to travel light. Most items are easily available for purchase in Thailand – especially clothes.
A favorite word of how to pack is to take half of your items out of your bag and leave them at home.
Although we never really have to carry bags further than 100m and always go out or our way to assist you, a good rule of thumb is that if you can't manage your bag yourself, you've packed too much.
As our adventures usually involve a mixture of urban and rural locations, here are some suggestions:
Sense of Adventure
Personal travel-medical insurance
Comfortable walking shoes (leave your uncomfortable ones at home!)
Rain Jacket
Casual shorts
Swimming Suit
Long pants (for temples)
T-shirts and at least one collared shirt with sleeves
Insect spray (especially for those venturing to the far north)
Passport with at least six months of validity
In the event that we visit a nightclub, nice restaurant or attend a concert, you may want to pack something to fit the occasion
For our Active adventures (cycling trips and Summit Siam) you may wish to bring your own cycling helmet, gloves, biking shorts, hydration pack and clipless pedals if you have some at home you enjoy
Consult your local health authority regarding immunizations and medications you may wish to acquire before the journey (malaria tablets, typhoid, Hepatitis A and B) Things like sunglasses, t-shirts and sandals are REALLY cheap in Thailand. So if you don’t own them now – don’t worry, buy them here!

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