Pattaya Thailand

by Robert Rystrom
Pattaya is one of the largest cities for tourism that can be found in the country of Thailand. Physically, Pattaya is located in the Gulf of Thailand and is Southeast of the country's capital, Bangkok. With wonderful attractions offered, much of this city's economy consists of tourism. If you are interested in visiting Thailand, chances are that you may want to think about visiting the city of Pattaya. This city is known to have a lot to offer to its tourists, which is the reason that it has become such a popular tourist attraction recently. Here, we will take a much closer look at some of the main attractions that Pattaya has to offer to its tourists, in order to help you determine whether or not vacationing in this city may be a decision which you may want to make in the future. Pattaya Beach is a favorite spot of many tourists, and it is also the most popular beach that Pattaya Thailand has to offer. Since it is located near shopping centers, bars, and hotels, it has become very popular among tourists. Unfortunately, it is often hard for many to get a spot on the sand, due to its popularity. Jomtien Beach is another one of the beaches which Pattaya Thailand has to offer. While it does offer some hotels and restaurants, Jomtien is mainly an area where people own summer homes. It is typically easier to find a spot on the sand at this beach than at Pattaya Beach. Jomtien Beach is especially loved by who enjoy taking part in water sports. It has a large entertainment center which offers water park attractions, a roller coaster, a monorail and fun attractions for children - which has helped with it become a popular area for people who are vacationing as families to want to visit. Of course, the beautiful beaches that Pattaya Thailand has to offer is not the only thing that this city has going for it. There are many other attractions which Pattaya has to offer that tourists all find to be quite appealing. Some of these attractions include golf courses, places for go-cart racing, the Sri Racha Tiger Zoo, Pattaya Beach Resort Water Park and Funny Land Amusement Park, a submarine, a crocodile farm, and various museums. There are also various shopping centers and stores which anyone may be interested in visiting while they are in Pattaya. Go go bars and strip clubs occupy the time of many tourists. As you can see, there are so many different tourist attractions that Pattaya Thailand has to offer. Ranging from its beautiful beaches where you can spend the day relaxing, having fun in the sun, or taking part in water sports to its amusement parks and other entertaining activities that the city of Pattaya has to offer, there is no doubt that Pattaya has gained some much well deserved appeal from tourists. No matter what you are interested in doing while you are visiting Thailand, Pattaya has just about everything that you could possibly be interested in to offer. There is no doubt that Pattaya Thailand is a city which you may definitely want to think about visiting.

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