Top 5 Things To Do In Bangkok Thailand

By Aimee C. Barnard, Thu Dec 8th
1.Get on a river taxi and see the beauty of the Chao PrayaRiver. A very different view of Bangkok I've got tosay. If you're the adventurer, you can just jump on one at anyof its terminals. Just be fast enough as the boats ( water taxis) hardly stop. Otherwise, book a tour from one of the hotels bythe river such as The Royal Orchid Sheraton, Shangri la or ThePeninsula.
2.Rub elbows with the locals and tourists at the Weekendmarket, Chatuchak/Jatujak. It can get very hot in herebut it's an excellent place to see the wares of Thailand. Youmight even find a good buy along the way. Thai ( and not so Thai) goods available from antique furniture to fake jeans.
3.See the wonders of the Grand Palace All hail theQueen of England, but her Buckingham Palace is nothing comparedto this glorious work of art in the middle of Bangkok.
4.Have a Thai massage in Wat Po and if you have the time,take the 10-day Thai Massage course If you don't get aThai massage in Thailand then you haven't been to Thailand atall. Experience this somewhat bone breaking yet de-stressingtechnique right from where it originated. Or if that's a bit toomuch, go for the foot massage instead
5.Have A Relaxing Spa At The Banyan A relaxing sparetreat right in the middle of the city. You can choose from a 1hour facial treatment or if you have time to spare, have a 7hour Banyan package and spoil yourself mad.


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