Health and Safety in Thailand

After living and extensively traveling Thailand, we can ensure all possible precautions to ensure a safe, yet incredibly exciting experience.
Thais are very friendly by nature and always willing to lend a hand. Instances of crime against travellers are very rare and penalties for perpetrators, harsh. Special Tourist Police are stationed in all of Thailand’s 76 provinces, with their sole task, “To aid and assist all travelers”. All of these tourist police speak English.
We use the safest modes of transportation available and only hire from agencies we have previously dealt with.
We carry a cellular telephone on all adventures, so any unforeseen need for assistance is always just a phone call away. Thailand boasts a world-class cellular telephone network that services nearly every corner of the country.
Thailand’s hospitals are some of the best in Asia and all cities have readily available care and facilities.
Most importantly, all of our adventures have been designed first-hand, by us. We don’t use any other travel companies or tour agencies. We only offer adventures that we, ourselves, have enjoyed many times. Unlike other travel companies, your guides have personally designed the adventures you participate in.
References from past participants are available by request.
Accidents can happen at home, just as they can when on vacation. Although every attempt is made to ensure the safest and most enjoyable experience, remember that accidents are just that – unplanned occurrences. Smiling Albino insists that each participant be equipped with his/her own personal travel insurance (including medical emergencies) for the duration of their Smiling Albino adventure. We guarantee to always put your interests and safety before our own so you can have the experience of a lifetime.
Physical Fitness
Many clients and visitors have asked us about what type of physical fitness level one needs to have in order to undertake a Smiling Albino adventure. Firstly, if you’re not an Olympian – don’t panic! We cater to clients of all ages and abilities.
Remember, that everything we do can be catered to specific tastes and needs. For example the mountain biking portion of our Chiang Rai adventures can be altered depending on how much of a workout the traveler wants (some in fact have shrugged the workout all together and undertaken the cycling portion by car. No problem!). Others want to beat a torrid path through the jungle on two wheels.
Our trips can be designed to accommodate all comers.
Health Precautions
The following is a list of possible ailments occassionally found in Thailand:
Diphtheria & Tetanus
Hepatitis A
Hepatitis B
Japanese B Encephalitis
Malaria Although this list may seem frightening, most people never experience anything more than an upset stomach. The best way to avoid any health problems while in Thailand is to take proper pre-departure preparations. Please contact your local Health Authority or family doctor to receive proper, accurate and personal advice to meet your individual needs.

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