Soapy Massage Is A Special Service In Thailand.

By: AnnMarierM
Soapy massage is not like most other massage, but this is a special service that is almost completely restricted to Bangkok, Thailand. This soapy massage often takes more than an hour and men are more likely than women to book this type of massage. Usually the client is a man, and the person providing this unusual massage is a naked woman. There are many different types of regular massage, but a soapy massage does not really fall into any of these categories. This type of massage is in a category all alone. Using the word soapy massage is very misleading about what kind of service this provides.

The naked woman who provides a soapy massage does not need any formal education to provide this service. Most people who provide any type of service that is given the name of massage are educated people who have had some formal training to perform their duties. The naked women who perform this type of massage do not have this type of education to perform a soapy massage. The people who do traditional massage usually have specialized training above the postsecondary level. Some of these people have specialized training in a particular type of massage including sports massage and medical massage.

Soapy Massage Does Not Usually Have Government Regulation Or Certification

Those who perform soapy massage usually get all of their training through on the job experience. Those who practice traditional massage are usually regulated and certified by local, state and federal agencies, but those who provide this type of massage do not usually have the same types of regulations and certification. The traditional massage can be somewhat like a massage found in Thailand in that some are intended solely for a pleasurable feeling or relaxation. There are many massage therapists at luxury spas and resorts that provide soothing, relaxing massage.

The traditional massage also provides alternative medicinal therapy. The soapy massage is never used by physicians for any type of alternative medicine. The traditional massage is often used for sports stars and professional dancers to keep their bodies in perfect condition. Soapy massage would never be used in this way. Many traditional massage therapists work with medical professionals to provide alternative medical for those suffering from a painful condition. Soapy massage would rarely be used by medical professionals for alternative medical treatment. Most of the naked women who provide the unusual massage very common in Thailand live and work in Thailand, but traditional massage by trained professionals is available all over the world.

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