How to enjoy a spa in Bangkok more effectively

by John S Ryou
How to enjoy a spa in Bangkok more effectively

In Bangkok, there are endless things to enjoy. So, many tourists end up with fully exhausted body at the end of the day. Then, there comes another joy of Bangkok. Relaxing spa treatments. In Bangkok, you have 3 different choices of spa treatments. The first choice, is a luxury hotel spa or resort spa. Usually all the big hotels and resorts offer spa services. For example, From Peninsula Hotel (, or From Mandarin Oriental ( have been famous for their spa services. The only problem is the prices. When you enjoy 2 hour service with your girlfriend, the actual bill (including 7% VAT and 10 % service charge) will be easily over $ 600 US (or 20,000 THB) which is quite a big money here.

The second choice is cheap massage parlors. In fact, this is the easiest choice. In almost every street of Bangkok, you can't miss a massage shop. Here you can get a 2 hour decent thai traditional massage at only $ 12 USD (400 THB). For couples and some good tip (100 THB per each) , this is only $ 28 (1000 THB). Usually, back packers and locals just go with this option. At most of these places, you can also get aromatherapy oil massages. But you have to be careful because many of these places are using just cheapest massage oils. If your skin is sensitive, there's a big chance, your skin can be in trouble. Also, these places tends to be noisy sometimes, especially the place with many tourists. For example, "Health Land" ( in Sathorn Road has been popular for some time. But now, they are occupied by Chinese tourists, and people are avoiding the place because it's too noisy. But, if you can stand that and just want to enjoy "maximum value for the money", this is excellent choice.

The third choice is enjoying at one of independent day spa. Many day spa in Bangkok are consisted of few treatments rooms. Some of these places are named under "beauty clinic" or "treatment center". Actually some of these places provide quite a good service comparable to luxury hotel spas except that their prices and interior design look much cheaper. One of the example of day spa in Bangkok is "The Sense Of Spa" ( located in Silom Road. They are providing a lot of facial and body treatment services and of course, thai massage and foot reflexology. And the price is quite acceptable. And using their promotions, you can enjoy 2 hour full quality spa services around 58 USD (2,000 Baht) per person. So, for couples, it's 116 USD (or 4,000 Baht) for 2 hour spa services. You can check their promotion page for most current information. Another nice place I've been to is "King and I Spa & Massage" at Sukhumvit 12. (Tel 02-252-5248). I was not able to find their website. "King and I" is located near Asok and convenient from many Sukhumvit places. There are also a lot of places named as "XXXX spa". But you have to be aware that many places are just more expensive version of "cheap massage parlor".

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