The hottest THAI AMULET - Jatukam

Now if we talk about JATUKAM RAMATHEP in THAILAND, nobody are not known this name. Now Jatukam has more than 400 models cause Jatukam is a hottest talisman now.Jatukam is the most popular deity in Thailand today. His full name is Jatukam Ramathep and his image can be seen almost everywhere -on amulets, coins and statuettes and on incantation cloths are currently available at prices ranging from Bt40 (for fakes) to Bt2 million. The first amulet, made in 1987, cost less than Bt100. It is now worth between Bt500,000 and Bt600,000. The most expensive amulets cost between Bt1.5 million and Bt2 million apiece. Jatukam was established and made by laymen and Buddhist monks, based in Nakhon Sri Thammarat, Songkhla and Ayutthaya. The Jatukam is depicted as a seated deity, with his right leg slightly lifted and sometimes with a seven-head serpent behind him. The black Pangpagan is shown seated cross-legged with his hands raised to cover his eyes and with serpents to his left and right. Rahu appears in a form of demon head. Other symbols in Jatukam talismans include the Sun and the Moon, the 12 animal signs representing the 12-year cycle and symbols of old Nakhon Sri Thammara's 12 subordinate cities in the south of Thailand

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