Leaving Thailand for Sweden

by MarieLouise
Now I am leaving the paradise to go back to the autumn and soon winter time in Sweden. After spending two weeks in Thailand it is time to go home. I read in a magazine that it is an out dying phenomenon to reflect upon things in life. I tend to agree. When do we take the time back home and reflect what we have done? Whom we met and what we have achieved. The time for reflection can be any where and any time. Of course it is easier when we are having a holiday. Be grateful to life and the people you have met. Be thankful for your health and every thing you have achieved. Live today as it was supposed to be the last day in your life. When I compare the people here to my own back home I realize that they take things much easier. It is no big fuzz if things do not get ready today it will always be a day tomorrow. People seem to be relaxed and happy.

Another thing I can be jealous about is the fresh fruit. I have had it every day. They seem to have more of a flavour to it then we do. It must be due to the transport. We have to import in when the fruit is still not ready to go. We put it in a fake sun place to harvest it later. How about the vegetables then? Wow, the tomatoes taste marvellous. Every day I have had fish, seafood and greens to it. I will miss that. Back home I have a different diet. My favourite ones come from this part of the earth. What else will I miss? The easy way of living. To be outdoors 24/7 if I like. To be able to walk out with less clothes the back home.

You have to keep in mind I love my country too. But the good thing with travelling is that you appreciate what you have at home and you are grateful to be able to travel abroad. Think back time when we did not and could not travel as much. I guess they were happy in their own environment because they knew nothing else. Sometimes I think we were in ease with more then today. Now days we want so much material in our houses. Look at the Thai people that do not seem to need so much. I have also noticed when I am abroad I do not use all the clothes I have brought. The more I travel the less I carry. That is so nice too.

Now I have to wait for a whole month for my next trip. That will be to Salt Lake City in late October. My purpose there will be to attend an event for the company of Xango LTD. I am looking forward to that. I think it will be around 10.000 attendees from the whole world. I will be back on that trip to tell you. Now it is time for bed and tomorrow will be another story telling day. Good Night.

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